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Love Indian curries and wanna explore beyond Chicken Tikka Masala and Butter Chicken? Well, you are at the right place!

A plethora of real Indian curries prepared with superior, handpicked ingredients and ingenious techniques await you at Bricklane Curry House, not only to satiate your taste buds but also the senses of smell and sight.

A top-rated Indian restaurant in the New York and New Jersey area - Bricklane Curry House is inspired by the traditional curry houses of Brick Lane in London, where curry has replaced fish and chips as the national meal. Although the ‘curry row’ like that in the Brick Lane of London is long gone, Bricklane Curry House in the US is still standing strong even after 20+ years.

BLCH is the brain-child of Ajit Bains, who grew up in London and is an ardent curry-lover. Having not found a single real curry place in the US, he collaborated with his friend Sati Sharma, a chef turned restaurateur, and established the first Brick Lane Curry House in 2002 on the East 6th street in New York City, between 29 Bangladeshi restaurants very much alike “BANGLA TOWN” aka “ BRICKLANE” in East London.

Over the years, the Brick Lane Curry House in the East Village, NYC has spread its wings and two more outlets opened up in different locations in the US. At present, BLCH is present in NYC, Jersey City and Upper Montclair where diners can enjoy the real curry experience.

So what are you waiting for? Come on in!

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Our Menu

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Curries to breads, raita to chutney
We have you covered for an authentic Indian dining experience

Fish Pakoras

Tilapia fish chickpea flour fritters

Daal Makhni

Black lentils slow cooked over an earthen oven

Tandoori Chicken

Bone on chicken marinated with Indian spices and yogurt cooked in tandoor


Chicken 22| Lamb 23 | Goat 24 | Fish 24 | Eggs18 | Shrimp 25| Vegetable 19 Basmati rice cooked in layers with your choice of protein, herbs and spices.

Tikka Masala

A nutty tomato cream sauce flavoured with fenugreek leaves


A Goan curry with a British influence (potatoes) made up of a fiery combination of ground spices and condiments

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