Choosing a restaurant in the New York area for that special dining experience often gets confusing given there is a wide range of choices and the city traffic to consider. Starting out as a delightful evening to plan a dine-out it can easily turn into disaster if you are not sure about your mood and specially if planning with friends and family when there are more than one heads to pour opinions in.

“I want the best trendy restaurant in New York to go to.” “I want to go to the most beautiful restaurant in New York.” “I don’t wanna travel far.” “I just want tasty food.”

Isn’t the chaos sounding too familiar? Ha ha…

If you find yourself in this situation quite often, this article may help you out in planning a dine-out eve systematically. Keep Reading!


Mood of Food

The very first and most important of your “let’s choose a restaurant” exercise. Think about what food you are in the mood for. With this, I mean which cuisine your taste buds are craving for the day is what you need to understand. Is it Italian, Indian, Japanese or Tex-mex? Once you pinpoint that one cuisine you are in the mood for, your Google search will become more refined and the exercise easier.

Distance from home

Considering the New York traffic, the distance of the restaurant from your home is sure a thing to consider. Oftentimes that most beautiful restaurant in New York can be too much a drive away from your home that the travel can totally kill the mood. Especially if you are considering a fine-dine experience, you need to keep enough time in hand (and your tummy) to wait at table while the chef tosses your food fresh and hot in tawa.


They often say that a nice dining experience is not only about pleasuring your taste buds but also satiating your other senses. And only a proper ambience can give you a totally satisfying dinner experience. While choosing a restaurant that’s commendable on health and hygiene is the basic criterion to look at, try to dig out and see if the restaurant has a warm, cozy atmosphere that's fitting with the cuisine so that you enjoy your dish with all your senses.

Wine and Dine

Wine and beverage section of a restaurant really counts when you are looking forward to a satisfying dining experience. Have you ever faced a situation when a restaurant serving your choice of cuisine doesn’t serve your choice of wine and spirit? Yes, that’s right, it's common and often a bit irritating. To sort out this problem, some of the best trendy restaurants in New York, like Bricklane Curry House, allow BYOB i.e. Bring Your Own Bottle. Woah, isn’t that a terrific idea. Pick up your favorite drink on the way and just march in. Order your dishes and enjoy them to the fullest.

Reviews and recommendations

Last but not least, make sure to check out the reviews on the internet before picking out your favorite restaurant in the New York area. Reading about others’ experience about the place often helps to set your expectations accordingly, because ‘out of your expectations’ many a time can be a real mood spoiler, ha ha ha…

On the ending note, let me remind you that if your choice of the day is Indian, and that authentic flavorful Indian curry is what your taste buds are fancying today, you know the place to be. That’s right, Bricklane Curry House, the house of real curries. Spread over an area of 1000 sq. feet in the heart of the city, one of the most beautiful restaurants in New York, it is decorated as per the traditional curry houses in Brick Lane, London, to offer you a rewarding British Indian dining experience. Come on in!