Indian food is popular all over the world, and it's no wonder. With its complex flavors and vibrant colors, it's hard to resist. From the spiciness of curries to the sweetness of chutneys, Indian food has something for everyone. And with the added health benefits of its spices and herbs, it's no wonder that more and more people are turning to Indian food as a delicious and nutritious choice.

However, with the extravagant array to choose from, often people do not understand how to eat Indian food in a way that is healthy and conscious. In today's post, I will share a few tips on how to eat Indian food in a balanced way.

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Always start with buttermilk Buttermilk is served as an appetizer in the Indian meal. Buttermilk helps in better digestion of the food, specially the dairy products. Since Indian meals use milk and creams in their curries, ordering a glass of buttermilk is always encouraged to ensure proper digestion.

Order Tandoori-ed dishes Many a time, it has been noticed that digesting the thick, creamy curries in the Indian dishes becomes a barrier for the westerners in enjoying delicious Indian cuisines. If your case is the same, do not lose heart, you can still enjoy scrumptious dishes of the subcontinental origin by ordering tandoori recipes. Tandoori is a style of Indian cooking where a clay fireplace (tandoor) is used for cooking food. Tandoori items are basically meats, vegetables or paneer marinated in spices, curd and cream and then barbecued in tandoor. The advantage is you can still enjoy Indian spices and flavor without the need to gulping down the curries that may upset your stomach.

Opt for butter-less breads Indian flatbreads are best tasted when accompanied with oodles of butter, there is not denying to this fact. However, while having paranthas, nuns or rotis in this way it is important to control your portion. If you are the one not so sure about your portion control, it is advisable to go for butter-less versions of the Indian flatbreads. It helps you not add meaningless cholesterol in your system.

Do not miss out on the cucumber salad Having a plateful of cucumber on the side is beneficial as it will help you control your portion. The cucumber with its high amount of water and fiber content will satiate your hunger faster and help you not exceed the portion which can cause discomfort later on.

Order coconut/cream based curries If you are the one who cannot handle the spicy curries yet love exploring Indian cuisines, you may consider ordering coconut milk or coconut cream based curries. They are commonly known as ‘kormas’ is Indian cuisine and you can find them in any good Indian restaurant menu listed alongside the other spicier curries.

Ordering raita is must Do not miss out on ordering raitas. Raitas helps in cutting down the taste of species to your comfort level while also aiding in digestion and cooling down the system after devouring hot curries.

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