India is a country rich in cultural heritage. Every state represents their unique history, cultures and food. The love for Indian cuisine also makes our country distinctive.

Not just our curries, pulaos, kebabs & korma, the sweet dishes & various types of parathas or flatbreads also have their fair share of national as well global recognition.

Let's talk about five such favorite parathas which are a popular choice everywhere.


Aloo Paratha:

Aloo Paratha is a very popular dish which has its origins in Punjab. Aloo parathas are prepared with a dough made from atta or whole wheat flour and stuffed with a potato filling which consists of mashed potatoes which are boiled, peeled off and seasoned with herbs, spices and salt and then which rolled into fluffy aloo parathas in a rolling pin and fried on a tawa using pure ghee or organic clarified butter.

Mughlai Paratha:

Mughlai paratha or Moglai poroṭa is a popular Bengali street food made with a soft fried bread stuffed with minced meat, eggs, chopped onions and green chillies. It is known to have its origins in Bengal during the Mughal reign and is believed to be prepared for the royal court of the Mughal Emperor Jahangir.

Malabar Paratha:

The Malabar paratha or porotta is a layered flatbread having its fair share of popularity in India and Sri Lanka. It is prepared either with maida or atta as a flaky ribbon pancake. It is commonly found in the Southern Indian states like Kerala and Tamil Nadu and is also available in other states like Karnataka, Maharashtra along with countries like Malaysia, United Arab Emirates and Sri Lanka.

Lachha Paratha:

Lachha paratha is a popular paratha originating in North India. These are made using wholewheat flour, salt and ghee or refined oil. The various visible flaky and crispy layers of this soft paratha makes it unique and a favorite amongst many. The lachha paratha is easy to make and pairs well with gravies and kebabs.

. Thepla:

Thepla is a soft Indian flatbread originated in the Gujarat region. Thepla is ideally paired with yogurt and pickle. One can have it for breakfast or can be enjoyed as a snack or served with any side dish as a meal. Thepla can be made with wheat flour, besan or gram flour, methi or fenugreek leaves and regular Indian spices. Theplas can be enjoyed with dahi or yogurt, red garlic chutney and chunda which is a type of sweet mango pickle. There are various types of theplas available like methi, mool, dudhi etc. Theplas can also be prepared with mashed potatoes, mixed vegetables or garlic. The most popular version of this traditional dish is the methi thepla.

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