There are so many varieties of food from different cultures around the world. Indian cuisine is highly appreciated by people all over the world. Be it the chicken tikka masala or samosa, you do get to choose from a huge variety of food in the Indian cuisine. In the US, there are many restaurants that serve their own version of these traditional Indian dishes adding some twists or special touch.

Let's find some of the Best Indian Restaurants in the US


Brick Lane Curry House - NY & NJ: Inspired by the famous brick lane of London where the Indian curry houses literally replaced the national food of the nation from fish n chips to curries, BLCH serves authentic Indian curries and other dishes in the US. The chain has three restaurants as of now, one in East Village, NY and other two in NJ - Upper Montclair and Jersey City.

Considered one of the best Indian restaurants in New York and New Jersey, the diner is famous for its phaal curries and other vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes originating from the subcontinent of India.

Adda - Long Island City, NY: Adda is another famous restaurant of New York located in Long Island City. Even though it's a small location which might get crowded at times, one must visit this restaurant to taste the delicious Indian food served here, while staying in New York.

Adda serves a huge variety of different Indian dishes. The menu includes vegan and vegetarian options like tandoori gobi and chili paneer tikka along with non-vegetarian options like rara gosht and bheja fry.

**Chai Pani - Atlanta, GA/Ashville, NC: ** Chai Pani is a famous Indian restaurant having their outlet in two different locations - one in Atlanta, Georgia and one in Ashville, North Carolina. This restaurant differs from other Indian restaurants around the country as they specialize in serving their own special twist on Indian street food.

Some of the popular items in the menu include bhel puri, chicken kathi roll, and kale pakoras. Along with these, Chai Pani also has an item known as thali. When one orders for a thali, a large, family style meal is served and is served with different dishes prepared each day.

Ghee Indian Kitchen - Miami, FL: Ghee Indian Kitchen is a famous Indian restaurant located in Miami, Florida serving a variety of authentic Indian dishes prepared with locally-sourced ingredients. The interior of the restaurant has a modern, industrial feeling when you enter and the guests love the entire restaurant being filled up with different scent of the spices they cook with.

Ghee Indian Kitchen has a large menu featuring a variety of different items, starting from snacks and appetizers to desserts. Some of them include saag paneer curry, chana masala and ninam ranch churrasco.

**Bombay Chopsticks By India House - Chicago, IL: ** Bombay Chopsticks By India House is located in Chicago and one of the famous and best restaurants in the US serving Indian food with a difference. The restaurant has a lunch buffet in the afternoon which again reopens for dinner at night.

Just drop in at any time and get ready to witness a really unique and delicious culinary experience at Bombay Chopstick. The restaurant isn't only about Indian food but also specializes in a fusion of Indian and Chinese cuisine. Some of the popular items include firecracker shrimp, chicken lollypops and teriyaki style lamb meatballs.

Planning to visit one soon? Share with us in the comment below why you love Indian food and which is your go-to Indian Food Joint in the US.