Indians are omnipresent all over the world and so is Indian food. There are at least five thousand Indian restaurants in the USA, be it a local street food takeaway or a Michelin star rated family restaurant. You can order everything from authentic and traditional to fancy and even fusion Indian dishes in the USA, however one thing that India is particularly famous for is the Spicy Indian Curry Dishes. Almost every true Indian food-lover knows the taste and aroma of ‘chicken vindaloo’ and ‘saag paneer’.

The reason for the increasing popularity of Indian food in the USA is due to the increasing Indian population. You'll find Indian restaurants all over the place now. The first Indian restaurant opened in America was in 1921 at 42nd Street, New York, named the Taj Mahal Restaurant which served Hindu and Persian food. And since then, hundreds and thousands of Indian restaurants have opened and many have closed in the US.

However, one question that still lingers is what is real Indian food? It will be interesting to note that in the US many Pakistani and Bangladeshi dishes are also referred to as Indian food. Also the very popular curries in Indian restaurants in the USA are not authentic Indian food, they are British adaptation of the Indian dishes. To be precise, every spicy dish in the USA that uses Indian masala more or less falls into the category of Indian food.

Indian food is full of flavors and easy to cook as well, which is why it's also gaining a huge popularity in the US. Indian food is here to stay, be it in the form of basic Indian food, regional dishes, grand restaurants, street foods or spiced up Americanised and British food. The inter-marriages amongst the new generations have also paved the way for creating Indian home food and evolving through varied tastes and family preferences.

If you think preparing Indian food is complicated, you are wrong. Cooking Indian home food is simple and less time consuming. The secret in cooking them is to not let yourself be overwhelmed with the spices. You can make about 50 types of dishes using potatoes with the addition of just one spice – kalonji or nigella seeds or a variety of simple dishes with an eggplant. Just get to know the spices well and incorporate it wisely while cooking.

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