Are you wondering what chicken tikka masala is? Well, this is a world renowned dish with infinite regional variations and you can easily find Chicken Tikka Masala in USA at any Indian restaurant. There is an absolute thrill in sitting down and finishing a plate of chicken tikka masala with some Indian flat bread or Pilaf or simple basmati rice.

However, in this article we are going to explore the mysterious origin of Chicken Tikka Masala!


The origin story of chicken tikka masala is the staff of legends. Many people believe that this dish originated in India. But the most popular origin story places its roots in Scotland. Once upon a time, decades ago, in Scotland a Bengali chef had to improvise this chicken tikka masala in a jiffy, after which it became this iconic. Today people consider it to be the national dish of the UK. What I understand is that this dish of simple chicken tikka infused in a bed of rich, aromatic, spicy and creamy curry is a celebration in itself for embracing the diverse and ancient heritage of the islands.

A complicated history, widespread adoption of it and the variety of preparation leads to the fact that we might never be assured of the exact beginnings of this popular dish. This topic is a subject of debate and of grave contention for many. Some vaguely state it’s a British take on a curry, whereas a considerable handful are convinced on its roots to be firmly grounded in India.

The story of the Ali family plays a very crucial role in its origin. On a dark and stormy night at Glasgow, Scotland in 1971, an off-duty bus driver stopped in at a local Indian restaurant for a plate of chicken curry. When the bus driver was served, he was quite disappointed with the dish due to its dryness. He wanted something soft and juicy and his dish was very dry. So he returned the dry chicken.

When Ali saw the returned dish, he thought of ways to make it juicy and hearty. He saw tomato soup which was creamy and was simmering. He thought of incorporating it in the dish to make it creamy, juicy and hearty. Some creamy tomato soup, some more spices and the chicken tikka pieces - all infused into each other to create chicken tikka masala which was then served to the bus driver. It was so finger licking good that the bus driver regularly returned for years along with his family and friends to enjoy Ali's new creation. This is how chicken tikka masala - the star was born.


Boneless chicken pieces well marinated in yogurt and curry spices, served on a skewer - kebab style and then infused in a creamy onion and tomato curry with some more spices and aromatics - that's how the historic and popular chicken tikka masala gets created. It is the first widely accepted fusion cuisine. Some say it is derived from the famous butter chicken too.

Yes there is a war raging about the similarities between butter chicken and chicken tikka masala. Well that is mostly due to the bite sized boneless chicken pieces, the orange colour of the gravy and similar spices, aromatics and tomato gravy. What sets them apart is the inclusion of an abundance of butter in butter chicken to make the dish more creamier which by the way is not found in chicken tikka masala.

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