Do you know which is the hottest curry in the world? Well, its name is Phall. Phall originated in the Bangladeshi-owned curry houses of Birmingham, England. It is also a very popular dish in the United States today. However, do not get confused with the char-grilled, gravyless, finger food with the same name and very popular in Bangalore, a city in the south of India.

Phall is the Hottest Curry Recipe which mainly includes various types of chili peppers or scotch bonnet, habanero or Carolina Reaper peppers, tomatoes, ginger and a choice of protein. It is hotter than that of a vindaloo, using many ground standard chili peppers or some of the hottest types of chili such as scotch bonnet, habanero or Carolina. Phall has a tomato based thick curry which also has ginger and fennel seeds in it. Phall has gained its fair share of fame both in the UK and USA and this dish has also made its appearance in many magazines and television shows.

PHALL OF BRICK LANE CURRY HOUSE The Famous Indian Restaurant in the US, the Brick Lane Curry House, is well known (or read notorious) for their P’Hall of Fame. The restaurant cooks for you the one of the most delicious, yet hottest phaal curry, which they describe aptly as ‘more of pain and sweat than of flavors’ and offers you to take their challenge of having the same. Come out winner and the BLCH offers you a certificate of honor and feature in their P’hall of fame.

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