Indians are all accustomed with onions and this vegetable is considered extremely essential in Indian kitchens. Be it curries or simple salads, onions are our go to in whatever we cook.

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Do you know our staple onion has many interesting facts associated with it? Let’s check out.


  1. While cutting the onions, we get tears in our eyes as it releases a compound called allyl sulfate which irritates our eyes. To avoid this, just put an onion in the refrigerator half an hour before you cut it.

  2. Studies have shown that onions have been in use from 5000 BCE and its traces have been found in the bronze age settlements of China.

  3. Researches show that European settlers brought onions with them when they began to settle in North America and after arriving, they found that the native Americans grow them already and use the same in their cooking.

  4. Ancient Egyptians worshiped the onion. They believed that its spherical shape and the concentric circles within symbolizes eternity.

  5. Never feed onions to your dog, they can weaken a dog’s red blood-cells and can lead to anemia which in some cases can even lead to death.

  6. The yellow onion is known to be the most popular onion globally and makes up 75% of the total onions grown worldwide.

  7. You may get onion breath after having it. You can get rid of it by chewing fresh parsley.

  8. Soldiers and athletes in ancient civilizations used to believe that onions were a source of strength. The Ancient Greeks even thought that rubbing it on the skin gave them more speed and power.

  9. Many historians and botanists have brought up evidence which suggests that onions originated from central Asia.

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