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Best Famous Indian Parathas in USA

India is a country rich in cultural heritage. Every state represents their unique history, cultures and food. The love for Indian cuisine also makes our country distinctive. Not just our curries, pulaos, kebabs & korma, the sweet dishes & various types of parathas or flatbreads also have their fair share of national as well global recognition.

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Order Authentic Moilee in New York

Moilee, possibly got its name from a Malaylam curry called Moli being closer to it in taste and recipe, has its origin in Portugal or India maybe and is a hugely popular dish in countries like India, Malaysia and Singapore. Moilee is a coconut-based curry, very mildly spiced and is cooked both in vegetarian and non-vegetarian versions. Fish Moilee is specially very very popular in the southern states of India where the fish is steamed in Moilee sauce along with chosen vegetables.

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